The main concern of my work is the realistic portrayal of figurative subjects. I specialise in equestrian paintings, and portraits of people and animals.

Drawing has always been part of my life and for as long as I can remember I have been enthralled by the beauty of horses: even as a child I would endlessly observe the grace of movement and form, and with pencil in hand I would strive to capture that essence in two dimensions. Portraiture came later, but drawing skills and a thorough understanding of anatomy – both animal and human - are the fundamentals that underpin my work.

I trained as a graphic designer, and the attention to detail and knowledge of production techniques it taught paved the way for a wholly art-related career, from freelance designer to Managing Director of a London fine art publishing company.

In 1992 I decided to take a career break to concentrate on bringing up a family. Then the painting began . . . I discovered watercolour, and rediscovered the power and subtlety of the pencil – I found my vocation. These days I experiment with many different mediums, but so far watercolour and pencil remain my favourite tools of translation.

As a leading equestrian painter and established portrait artist, most of my work consists of commissioned pieces. However, I spend every spare moment producing paintings for exhibition and gallery sale, and it is in these works that I have the freedom to invent, discover, and move forward.

I am a Full Member of both The Society of Equestrian Artists and The Society of Women Artists. I exhibit my work regularly at high-profile venues, and I have work in collections throughout the world.

April Morning Warren Hill